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JINX™ LED Alarm Clock

A super bright surface mounted LED technology Alarm clock packed with features including:

1.   Can display time & temperature alternatively or individually

2.  12 hour or 24 hour time display modes available

3.  3 sets of alarm modes

4.  Sound control energy saving feature to turn on the display and turn it off automatically after 20 seconds

5.  Automatic brightness adjustment: Highest brightness from 07:00am to 18:59pm; Medium brightness from 19:00 pm to 22:59 pm and weak brightness from 23:00pm to 6:59am

6.  Time memory backup feature when power fails (CR2032 memory backup battery)

7.  Humanized alarm service cycles - from Monday to Friday or from Monday to Sunday (users choice)

Available in 3 varieties:

Red LED with Black Casing

Green LED with Bamboo Casing

White LED With White Casing