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JINX™ Bluetooth Microphone With Loudspeaker

The JINX™ Portable Microphone is a cleverly designed and stylish USB rechargeable handheld microphone.

Unlike other microphones, the speaker is totally enclosed inside the device for complete portability and the solid aluminium body allows for maximum durability.

As a portable voice projector, this product has so many uses - for public speaking, home parties, and karaoke just to name a few.

The kids will have a ball with this product as well, because of its built-in variable echo mode allowing your voice to ECHO into the distance...

For Karaoke, the microphone can act as a mixer to combine music being played from any Bluetooth music source together with voice from the microphone, then output the Karaoke song to an external sound recorder or amplifier so you can hear the song you have just sung to improve on your own 'personal best', or to have a louder external amplifier for a party.