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JINX Liquid Sound™ Speakers Original Party Pink Edition

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This amazing twin set of USB powered speakers makes the perfect PC desktop companion.  

Not only are they a stereo set of speakers, but they also feature a spectacular LED Liquid Jet show that dances in sync with any music that you play. 

Product Specifications:

- 2 x 3W Speakers

- 4 x Multi Coloured LED Liquid Jets per speaker

- Frequency Response:  150Hz to 18Khz

- Impedance : 4 ohm

- Weight: Approx 550g (for 2 speakers)

- Dimensions Of Each Speaker: 51mm x 63xmm x 220mm

- Available in 5 colours - Black, White, Pink, Silver and Blue


Package Contents:

 - 2 x 3W Speakers

- USB Cable

- 3.5mm Audio Cable