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Magnetic Sand Timer


Australia's Favourite Magnet Sand Timer Available Online

Is it magic? Is it magnets? Wizardry, or science? It's definitely magnets and science but the illusion's there all the same. Whilst you might never become a modern day Magneto with the ability to bend metals to your will, this is the next best thing. Substituting the good old fashioned sand timer, these metal and magnet alternatives available online in Australia provide an interesting spinoff.                      

  • Fun new twist on the class sand timer, replacing sand with metal and magnets
  • As the iron fillings drop down and interact with the magnetic force at the bottom, they form interesting structures
  • Two piece set feature hourglass and metal stand

Sand is so 1999 - magnets are the future

Sure, sand timers were cool and all, but magnets just offer so many more possibilities. Measure time whilst creating unique and interesting structures that are different every time through the random powers of magnetic fields. You might also be interested in our Super Sand products which never dry out and allow for even more creative exploration.

If you've been searching for that perfect gift which is interesting and unique, then look no further. We pride ourselves on stocking the quirky, unusual and unknown which means we're the perfect online provider for your present purchasing needs.

Don't leave the magnets hanging

We're positively confident you'll be attracted to this innovative timer product (that's a magnet joke for those playing at home). We also offer other quirky gift ideas such as remote control snakes, plasma balls and much more! If you had any questions regarding our online selection available in Australia, call us today on 1300 447 668. Our knowledgeable team members are always happy to assist and can offer extra information on our delivery and returns policies.