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Perfect Posture Jellyfish Chair

Ready for a chair like nothing else you have ever parked your rump on?  The Jellyfish Bouncy Chair will let you sit on a balance ball and improve your posture.

A regular balance ball would just roll away. It's fun to bounce around in a chair, plus it is good for your spine.

Jellyfish Bouncy Chair

- Improve your posture and have fun by sitting on a new type of chair.
- Inside the fabric is an inflatable ball, which gives you the comfiest seat ever.
- Perfect for anyone who needs a little more bounce in their office.
- Designed by Rutger Andersson.
- Weight Limit: 800lbs
- Materials: Frame is Steel, Ball is PVC, and Fabric Cover is 88% polyester and 12% Spandex (hand wash only).
- Includes:Metal Frame, Inflatable Ball, Fabric Cover, Air Pump, Measuring Tape, Instructions.
- Dimensions: 18.5″ x 18.5″ x 20.6″ (can be inflated to varying sizes)
- Manufactured In Taiwan