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iDRIFT Self Balance Scooter

The latest viral trend has finally hit Australia as the iDrift Board - from Youtube to celebrities to TV to the news - and now you !

This 2 wheeled smart self balancing scooter is fun, addictive and the perfect get off the couch tool. The IDrift Board will get even the grown-up kids out of the house

Contrary to the gossip that all boards are the same, they are not !   iDrift boards are OEM Original with CPU, Gyros, Battery, wheels, motors and charger that are specific to iDRIFT

The iDrift design is extremely stable and easy to learn on.  With a maximum speed of 10 km/h, you'll enjoy it even when you're a pro !

IDrift Boards are Australian owned and quality tested with a full 12 months warranty.  The product will serve as a robust, long lasting board that will outperform your highest expectations.

Choose from Black or White coloured Boards in the shopping cart.
Weight (Gross/Net) 
10.2 kg / 12.6 kg
Diminesions (LxWxH) 
650mm by 250mm by 250mm
Tyre Size 
2 by 350W brushless motors



Max. Weight Limit 
100 kg
Min. Weight Limit 
20 kg
Max. Slope 
25 degrees
Max. Range 
18 km
Ave. Running Time (Continuous use) 
4 hours
Max. Speed 
10 km/h
Working Temp. 
0 celsius - 40 celsius
Charger (ERAC Approved) 
Charge Time 
2 hours
Charge Voltage 
110v - 240v

Charge Frequency

50Hz - 60 Hz